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Player: Steve
Contact: [ profile] opticblast
Age: 26
Current Characters: Junko Enoshima | [personal profile] sobored


Character: Isaac Clarke
Age: 49
Canon: Dead Space
Canon Point: After beating the Brethren Moon

Background: Here!

When Isaac accepts the mission to Tau Volantis, he's in a horrible place mentally and emotionally. His life has been nothing but a mixture of horror and guilt for years, and the few good things that have happened have been pushed aside so he can live in a shitty apartment and hide from the world. Like his repair jobs, the job he does of closing himself off is anything but half assed. His offscreen relationship with Ellie (a survivor from the second Necromorph outbreak)? Tanked. Paying attention to the Unitologist revolts against EarthGov? Nope. Remembering to pay his rent? Absolutely not. He actually has to be forced at gunpoint to rejoin the world, and even then, it's mostly because Ellie's life is at risk. Thoughts of helping the outside world from the multiple zombie monster outbreaks going on right now aren't really a factor for him at this point.

But mercifully having somewhat of a purpose again helps snap Isaac back into being a functioning member of society soon enough. There's a problem to be solved, and he's always been good at working on those, at compartmentalizing his feelings and issues, so he can fix whatever mechanical thing needs fixing. Which is probably why shortly after boarding the first ship he's probably been in a while, despite not being in any capacity to give them, he's the guy giving out the repair orders when the crisis hits and helping to fix things to keep the ship from depressurizing and killing everyone aboard.

That aside, it's hard to get a feel for how he interacts with normal people since most of his interactions are with Ellie, Ellie's new boyfriend, and Carver who's a bit abrasive. For what it's worth, he does seem to get along with Carver rather well once they work past their issues with themselves and each other, and is even helpful with helping Carver with his issues, so he most likely wouldn't have any problems with most people. It's just that he's a bit of an awkward mess at this point in his life.

Case in point? He's doing this for Ellie, or so he tells himself, so after crash landing on Tau Volantis and more or less having a horribly disfigured corpse land on him, the corpse of a crewmate that was alive a few minutes before, his reaction isn't being horrified or feeling sorry for them. It's more or less being relieved that's not Ellie. For a while there it's find Ellie, help Ellie, save Ellie, only care about Ellie. Which pisses Carver off because there's way more important things to worry about. So his priorities can be a little screwed up.

And a lot of that is because Isaac is carrying a ton of guilt and remorse from his past. He basically blames himself for everything that happened on the Ishimura. He blames himself for what happened on the Sprawl. He blames himself for Nicole's death. But since Ellie made it out of the Sprawl okay, that's his chance to make up for that. To try and karmically balance the scales, and all he really does is fuck up everything around him out of this misguided want to make things right. His heart genuinely is in the right place, it's just that how he does things seems to ruin everything around him. Because despite his heart being in the right place, he makes selfish, stupid decisions to try and act on those feelings. He can't really see the bigger picture here, which is making up for percieved past mistakes by helping everyone, so he fixates on one person instead. So from that standpoint, he's still got a lot of growing up to do, despite the fact that he's not too far away from retirement (or would be if he still had a job).

Unfortunately, he doesn't have time for that because his experiences on Tau Volantis basically force him to fix his terrible way of handling his interpersonal relationships. He learns that the Necromorph situation is a lot worse than previously thought and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance (no seriously). So Isaac is left with one hell of a final choice (as far as he knows). The Moon is waking up. If it wakes up, it's going to eat everyone on its way to Earth, and then eat everyone there. Humanity would be gone, just like everything else that's existed before in the universe, leaving nothing behind but dead space (the game made an equally unsubtle title drop, I feel one should be allowed here) in its wake. It can be stopped, but there's almost no way that anyone who tries is going to survive the experience. So he can save everyone and die. Or he can make sure Ellie is okay and doom everybody else, which would be about par for the course for his terrible terrible decision making. And Isaac chooses to sacrifice himself and kill the hell out of that moon (Carver does too, killing a moon is definitely not a one man job). It's the stupidest, most dramatic way possible, but it does show that he's willing to put what needs to be done (stopping humanity) over what seems like the easiest way to make up for what happened before or just sitting in the corner and being broken by past events. So he's still not perfect, but he's trying, at least?

Of note too, Isaac's sense humor is pretty dark at this point. Presumably after living (sort of) through three zombie alien monster incidents, all he can really do is point out how ridiculous his life is. Pointing out that he'll get around to something when he's not being stabbed or asking what could possibly go wrong with flooding the chamber he's in with face eating gas? That's what his sense of humor's become at this point.

Isaac doesn't really have any abilities of his own. He's good with machinery, but it'd take him some time to learn what's going on in the world of Empatheias.

Alignment: I think Daimonia is probably the closest fit. He's worked past some of his issues, but his grief over what happened on the Ishimura and the Sprawl nearly cost him his life and colored a lot of his actions afterwards, so I think it's a pretty close fit.

Now what he does have is a futuristic suit with a bunch of neat little components, so here's a list with short explanations and notes in case you guys don't want to read multiple wiki pages:

-1 Arctic Survival Suit (The helmet is heavily damaged from the moon battle, and it also has audio/visual/text recording and playback capabilities, which is a little redundant here).
-1 Kinesis Module (basically a beam in the glove that projects a beam that lets Isaac lift people sized things without special panels on the. It can also fire them with enough force to knock someone down or pierce a wall).
-1 Stasis Module (This one's attached to the other glove and lets Isaac slow things down for a few seconds It doesn't seem to have a power source but has a fairly slow recharge time).
-1 Resource Integration Gear (the health bar on Isaac's back It tells people how he's doing and how many seconds of oxygen he has if he's in an environment without an atmosphere)


So the street Isaac was on just decided it wasn't going to be a thing anymore. That's great. Just great. Not the worst thing that's ever happened to him by far, but he's had enough of gross dark spooky tunnels for, well, for multiple lifetimes. On the plus side there's nothing down here that's going to jump out at him, right? ...right?

“Okay, try to stay calm. I don't know what the hell just happened, but we're going to get out of here.”

That sentence is as much for himself as it is for anyone else trapped down here. And he doesn't think it'll help since this place doesn't seem to have downloadable maps, never mind, the locator in his suit isn't showing a way out or a map or anything useful at all.

“There has to be an access hatch around here or something. Anyone got a flashlight?”

And of course, some sort of noise comes from the darkness ahead, like they're not alone down here. Odds are it's just a rat or something normal (even by Verens' standards), but Isaac's been through too much to not immediately jump the worst conclusion. It's some sort of horrible undead monster lurking up ahead, planning on ambushing them.

That paranoia, that sense of dread, that fear isn't just staying his mind, and since he still doesn't really have a grasp on the concept of emotional effects, he's not aware that what looks like movement in the shadows is the result of his own feelings. Instead, it just seems like further support for the idea that there's something down here with them.

“Shit! Other way, head back the other way. This way's uh...there's something in the way.”

On some level he feels bad about lying to anyone down here about what he thinks is up there, but it's better they don't know. It's better he doesn't cause a panic. And it's better they get the hell out of here before things get worse.

Questions: N/A!


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